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About Us

A four-car toy train made out of Christmas lights approaches an oil depot tower, also made out of Christmas lights.
A walk-through tunnel of lights with lit-up snowflakes
A cartoon elf.

Our Story

Nights of Lights is a magical experience transforming the night sky into a canvas of twinkling lights, colors, and joy. This is an annual event that we, a team of family and friends, host with the utmost dedication and passion. Our mission is to nurture community spirit, facilitate the creation of cherished memories, and foster a sense of unity and togetherness under the mesmerizing night sky. We created this event out of our love for Christmas and the inspirational beauty of holiday lights, and we hope it will put a smile on your face - just like it does for us!

For our team at Nights of Lights, this event is more than just a spectacle; it reflects our shared commitment to unite communities and celebrate life's radiant beauty. Spreading Christmas cheer is our prime motivation and in doing so, we hope that every person can experience the true reason for the season. Join us on this extraordinary journey and enjoy the show as you begin a new Christmas tradition!

We are proud to offer an accessible and wheelchair-friendly experience so everyone can celebrate Nights of Lights with us.

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A candy cane striped bar.
A candy cane striped bar.
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